Shuffleboard Dimensions [Guide to Choosing the Standard Size] (2023)

Or maybe you're the one who doesn't know about itshuffleboard table dimensions.Because I have seen that most people are confused about shuffleboard table size and shuffleboard table dimensions.

However, you can use them outside of your deck. However, the ideal dimensions of the shuffleboard table are22 feet longe20 inches widein the correct standard length. On the other hand, smaller shuffleboard tables can be found that fit most venues.

However, that's why I created the shuffleboard dimension so you know how to choose and which shuffleboard size is best. However, the size of the shuffleboard tables varies; Secluded indoor areas such as a games room, bar or pub are ideal for these tables.

Also, I'll help you with the official shuffleboard court dimensions and their sizes below.

Official floor dimensions of the shuffleboard court

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1 Official shuffleboard court floor dimensions

2 Shuffleboard Table Size Considerations

2.1 Room Access

3Official shuffleboard table size

4Shuffleboard Table Length - How long is a shuffleboard table?

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5What is the best size for a shuffleboard table?

6What size should you buy a shuffleboard table in?

6.1 Small meeting tables: 9 to 12 feet

6.2 shuffleboard tables averaging 14 to 16 feet in length

6.3 shuffleboard tables, total length: 18 to 22 feet

7How high is the shuffleboard table?

8How wide is a 12 foot shuffleboard table?

9What does a shuffleboard table weigh?

10 Conclusion

10.1Wilson John

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The shape and size must correspond to an official shuffleboard court39 feetvon6 feet, respectively. There is an isosceles triangle at each end of the yard. This serves as the scoring zone. O10 points Zone, 3 feet high, is the highest point of the scoring triangle.

Shuffleboard table size considerations

measurementsheight in)length (feet)
9 feet308
12 feet3010.5 – 11
14 feet3012.8 – 13
16 feet3014.8 – 15
18 feet3016.7 – 17
20 feet3018.7 – 19
22 feet3020,5-21

This gives the player enough distance behind the ball to bend into proper shooting stance and position. The side area of ​​your apartment is easy to handle.

If you only have one automated board unit, you may need to move the cabinet 3 to 4 inches away from the wall. Clearance is required to decide which mounting stud to pass between the cabinet and the wall.

However, since everything takes place inside the cabinet, no additional space is needed on either side of the table.

room access

Some hallways are too narrow and even some doors are too small. To make sure your home is ready for your new gaming investment, take measurements and run some tests to make sure you have enough space. Keep in mind that the boards and elements that make up your shuffleboard table are rigid and can be quite heavy.

Start by moving a long board (2" x 10" if possible) through the hallways of a home to ensure clean lines in the room where your desk will be placed.

Once you've confirmed that you can set up your desk in your bedroom, double-check that you have adequate space. It is preferable to bring a board2-3 cm dick,18 to 20 inches wide, and anywhere from 10 feet 8 inches to 20 feet 8 inches long.

I think it depends on the size of your table. Although the measurements are realistic, sometimes it's nice to see a piece of wood in your room that is exactly the size of your finished shuffleboard table.

All tables over 12 feet are manufactured in two pieces, which greatly facilitates access to the cabinet area where the table resides.

Some of the most popular shuffleboard sizes, such as B. 14 ft and 16 ft tables have the samesize of the room arealike a 7- to 8-foot sofa or day bed. Because every shuffleboard table that is built in our wood workshop is individually handcrafted and made to measure. We are able to produce the 12ft cabinets in two pieces and have done so in the past. We even build smaller units like this,10e11 foot long tablesif desired.

Official shuffleboard table size

Some more common sizes, like 14- and 16-foot shuffleboard tables, equate to a 7- to 8-foot sofa or chaise longue in the living room. Due to the specific craftsmanship and design of each shuffleboard table built in our joinery workshop, we can, and have in the past, produced the 12ft cabinets in two pieces.

Shuffleboard Dimensions [Guide to Choosing the Standard Size] (1)

Because on request we can also build smaller units like these, 10 and 11 foot long tables. The tables in this collection are ideal for anyone who wants to play regular shuffleboard or has lots of extra space at home.

These tables are often made of hardwood, giving them a majestic and opulent look. The playing field of a shuffleboard table requires regular attention. Shuffleboard tables that are18 feetor20 meters long, are a good choice for those looking for something smaller, but close to the prescribed size.

Remember, the bigger the table, the more dedicated you have to keeping it clean.

Shuffleboard Table Length - How long is a shuffleboard table??

Typically, people prefer the largest table they can fit in their space, and the ideal size for a fully regulated game is a 16-foot shuffleboard table.

As such, you can often place shuffleboard tables in narrow hallways, behind the couch, and maybe even next to a pool table. OLiberty-Modell 24" LargoHousing is best suited for your location. That's why we offer an 18-inch wide board and a professional gaming experience, in contrast to other domestic manufacturers who only offer a 16-inch wide board in this case width.

The difference between a 16 foot and a 22 foot is little different. While you can still have fun at the 12 and 14 foot shuffle tables, the distance range of the 9 yard tables is smaller and not as durable.

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Shuffleboard Dimensions [Guide to Choosing the Standard Size] (2)

It's so easy to identify your living space and answer the question, "How much space does a shuffleboard table take up?"

Remember to test your home to make sure the table components you are interested in will fit securely through doorways and hallways. Then make sure there is enough space for participants to play shuffleboard unhindered (2 feet is ideal). With this in mind, it is possible to find the ideal shuffleboard for your home and you will be satisfied with the product.

What is the best size for a shuffleboard table?

When it comes to buying shuffleboard,table dimensionsare a crucial issue. The ideal is to choose the largest table that the room can accommodate.

In addition to the size of the table, the size of the room and the access to the room must also be considered. Of course, the space required around the shuffleboard table must take into account the size of the room.

The playfield and the cabinet are the two main components of a shuffleboard table. While most cabinets can be broken down into smaller pieces, the playing field is often a block of wood.

Because the playing field can be huge and substantial, doors and passageways should be wide enough for people to pass through.

The width of the shuffleboard table also affects playing style.

What Size Shuffleboard Table Should You Buy?

Small meeting tables: 9 to 12 feet

Small shuffleboard tables are an ideal economical solution for a relaxed playing style. The player has a lot of control over the puck in this situation.

The downside is that the faster waxes cannot be used at these tables as the game zooms in on the table and possibly the side. Small shuffleboard tables have slices that are proportional to the size of the table and can also be narrower.

As such, tables in this size range are suitable for use by children, even if not supervised by an adult.

Shuffleboard tables averaging 14 to 16 feet in length

Medium length shuffleboard tables can be fun to play on; However, they are aimed at more serious players and also have enough space to accommodate the largest table.

If you want to play regularly, a medium-sized table is better than a smaller one.

Also, faster sealers can be used with these decks and there is more room to experiment with unique images.

Shuffleboard tables, overall length: 18 to 22 feet

Fully extended shuffleboard tables are real gems. These large tables are ideal if you intend to play in a group; What's the point of investing in a big, expensive table if you're just playing solo?

Not only are these tables perfect for the National Association, but they are vital if you plan on playing often.

Playing at a long table is more fun and stressful because it allows you to use fast waxes and put your skills to the test.

How high is the shuffleboard table?

Shuffleboard table lengths and widths vary significantly. On the other hand, the height difference between smaller and larger tables is minimal.

In most cases, a board can be between 30″ and 32″ high. In addition, the adjustment of the leg levelers depends on the depth of the playing surface.

Shuffleboard Dimensions [Guide to Choosing the Standard Size] (3)
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Smaller sized tables are just over 30″ tall. The longest tables are approximately 32″ high, measured by the height of the floor and waxed playing surface.

Most quality shuffleboard tables have leg adjusters. Players can use them to level the table when playing on uneven floors.

How wide is a 12 foot shuffleboard table?

The width of the playing field varies between 16″ and 20″ depending on the length of the table.

While some smaller tables may only have a 15″ wide playing field,Regulated size shuffleboard tablesare 22 feet long and feature a 20″ wide playing surface.

A wide 16 inch playing surface is standard on a 12 foot shuffleboard table, with the overall width of the table being approximately 24 inches. When considering the space around the table, a 12 foot long table requires a space that is at least 6 feet (72″) wide.

How heavy is a shuffleboard table?

A narrower table is expected to weigh less than a taller table. However, the 9 foot long tables are traditionally the smallest on the street and also weigh less.

A rough estimate would have been somewhere between 250 and 350 pounds meaning that while a 9ft table is less than larger tables it would still require several people to lift. Tables 12 to 14 feet long should weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

Although the tables in this collection are still classified as humble, as you can see they can be quite heavy.


Shuffleboard is a fantastic way to pass the time after a hard day while still getting some physical and mental activity.

Different table sizes are designed for different players, so it's important to choose wisely. However, the dimensions of the shuffleboard tables are different, but this depends on the space you have at home for indoor games.

I hope that you clarified everything about the dimensions of the shuffleboard in the article above.

Wilson John

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